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Where To Get a Hot Cup of Tea Near Your Elm Apartment

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Here in Bethesda, you don’t need to spill the tea to get a comforting cup of tea in this January cold. Instead, you can just head to one of our area’s many tearooms and cafes, which specialize in serving everything from fruit tea to classic English tea. 

If you’re looking to something to take a bit of the chill out of this month’s air, then a cup of tea from one of these spots may be just what the doctor ordered – and just what you need to get you through a busy day.

Tatte Bakery & Café, located at 7276 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda which is one block from your Elm apartment, is a chic cafe offering salads, tea, North African dishes and sandwiches, plus all-day breakfast.

Tzurit Or, founder, pastry chef, and the creative force behind Tatte, started Tatte Bakery 15 years ago in her home kitchen, selling her creations at a farmers’ market in Boston. For Tzurit, building a bakery of her own was about more than just cultivating a thriving business; it was a way to create a sense of home and community while starting a new life as an immigrant to the United States.

Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee, located at 7111 Bethesda Ln, Bethesda which is a five minute walk from your Elm apartment, is a cozy shop serving unique gelato handcrafted from local ingredients, plus coffee, tea and espresso.

The idea for Dolcezza was birthed in Buenos Aires in 2000. Founders Robb and Violeta had just landed in the city after an epic journey that began in the Brazilian Amazon and finished three months and 4,000 miles later in São Paulo. While in Buenos Aires, they fell in love with gelato shop Freddo and wanted to create their own. 

Tatte Bakery & Café

7276 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

(240) 534-2115

Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee

7111 Bethesda Ln, Bethesda, MD 20814(301) 215-9226