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Celebrate International Beer Day At These Bethesda Breweries image

Celebrate International Beer Day At These Bethesda Breweries

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During the sweltering temperatures of a Bethesda summer, there’s nothing like a cold glass – or can or bottle – of beer to take the heat away and also enjoy a laid-back August afternoon. Which is exactly why on Aug. 5, we’ll celebrate International Beer Day, which is now celebrated in 80 countries across the world. 

Despite the name of the holiday, you can celebrate International Beer Day right at home in Bethesda thanks to our many local breweries who are always putting unique spins on this favorite drink. Check out these breweries near your Elm apartment this Aug. 5!

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, located at 7900 Norfolk Ave, Bethesda which is four minutes from your Elm apartment, is an upscale brewpub serving house beers and imaginative pub food in lively environs.

The first Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery opened in the heart of Denver in 1991. Fast-forward 30 years and Rock Bottom now has 17 locations across the United States with thousands of original brews and hundreds of the industry’s most esteemed medals and awards.

World of Beer, located at 7200 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda which is a two minute walk from your Elm apartment, is a hangout featuring 500+ global beers, lots of craft drafts and tavern food in pub digs with TVs.

World of Beer is the premier spot for beer enthusiasts and novice alike. Whether you have a beer cellar at home or hate how beer tastes, their staff will walk you through what’s available and allow you try them before buying.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

7900 Norfolk Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

(240) 465-0777

World of Beer

7200 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

(240) 389-9317