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Be Well at The Elm

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Inspired by our focus on wellness, and to celebrate our grand opening in the downtown Bethesda community, back in June we invited everyone to join us for our weekend-long Wellness Retreat, “Be Well at The Elm.” We compiled a star-studded list of local Washington D.C. metro-area fitness instructors and panelists who we felt embody what we stand for here at The Elm. Our event was a huge success in the local Bethesda community and seeing the turnout has made us more excited than ever for you to call us home!

Located in downtown Bethesda, a short commute to Washington D.C., The Elm is the ultimate setting for a life well-lived. At The Elm, wellness occurs when all aspects of life are balanced – body, mind and nutrition are all equally important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. The Elm’s design and way of life provides residents with a symmetric experience where work, play, wellness, and convenience are of equal importance.

A big thank you to all our wellness vendors who participated in our event this summer – we look forward to seeing you as part of our community’s wellness offerings in the future!

Here’s a list of all our contributing wellness experts and the classes they offered that made our event a success. You can learn more about what they offer by checking out their social media.

To learn more about our event and what we stand for as a community, please watch this video that previews a life well-lived at The Elm.

Morning Flow with Alix Montes

Alix Montes aims to make yoga accessible to practitioners of all levels, while providing a challenge that will push any athlete out of their comfort zone.

HIIT & Boxing Class with Mona Lavinia

Performance Coach, Mona Lavinia gives her students invigorating workouts incorporating HIIT and boxing moves that will empower you through movement.

Sunset Cycling with Sunny Mae

HUSTLE DC Founder, Sunny Mae, gave us a cycling workout with the backdrop of a beautiful sunset on our terrace. HUSTLE DC is a collaboration of individuals determined to live all aspects of life fiercely, passionately, and unapologetically. Cycling classes are offered both virtually and in person.

Wake Up with Wellness: Morning

Recharj instructor, Tanya Saunders, introduced us to her unique “Breathwork” program that can help you access a deeper state of consciousness, engage in transformative healing, and leave you with an expanded sense of self.

Live Green with Rewild DC

An interactive workshop hosted by Rewild DC where participants received kits that included all materials to assemble their very own desert terrarium. Information was also provided on how to best source these materials, so you can apply your new skills to future projects for your Elm apartment.

Beauty from the Inside Panel Discussion

Moderated by NBC reporter Jummy Olabanji, beauty from the inside out was discussed with three panelists; Kimberly Smith, Co-Founder of the Brown Beauty Co-Op, Jen Jean-Pierre, a Washington, D.C. fashion and lifestyle blogger, and Sorelle Cooper, an OVME Advanced Medical Aesthetic Injector.

Eat Well, Live Well Panel Discussion

Moderator Nycci Nellis, Producer of The List Are You on It, Foodie and The Beast, and Industry Night Podcast discussed the importance of nutrition with three panelists, including Esosa E. aka The Raw Girl, Nutritionist and Author, Amy Waldman, Founder and Director of Puree Artisan Juice, and Rachel Gabauer, Dietitian Nutritionist at Tepper Nutrition.