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Summer Is The Time For S’mores. Here’s Where To Get S’mores-Inspired Desserts In Bethesda image

Summer Is The Time For S’mores. Here’s Where To Get S’mores-Inspired Desserts In Bethesda

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There’s no dessert that says summer quite like s’mores, especially if it means roasting your own marshmallows over an open fire on a perfect August night. But here in Bethesda, you don’t need to wait for a campfire to enjoy s’mores – you can get s’mores-inspired desserts nearby.

Get a taste of this delectable dessert at restaurants and bakeries near our Elm apartments that offer their own creative takes on the classic sweet. It will be your new favorite way to enjoy melted chocolate, sticky marshmallows and sweet graham crackers!

Henry’s Sweet Retreat & Bakery, located at 4823 St Elmo Ave, Bethesda which is a 12 minute walk from your Bethesda apartment, is a buzzy candy shop offering cookies, cakes and specialty chocolates, plus ice cream, popcorn and sodas.

Although they have a few s’mores-themed offerings, one of the most popular is their s’mores ice cream! They offer a total of 12 premium ice cream flavors. Here, find hundreds of candies and sweets, including sugar- and gluten-free, to satisfy a sudden urge or regular fix. Fresh fudge, your favorite hard or chewy candy, hand-scooped ice cream floats and shakes and more are waiting here for you!

The Baked Bear, located at 929 Rose Ave, North Bethesda which is 15 minutes from your Elm apartment, was founded by childhood friends Rob Robbins and Shane Stanger, who left their careers to follow their true passion: serving up inventive sweets, including s’mores ice cream.

Original-recipe ice cream sits at the heart of each one of Rob and Shane’s sandwiches, which are held together by fresh-baked cookies and brownies. The Baked Bear has over a dozen original-recipe cookies and ice cream flavors, giving guests a chance to mix and match to find their favorite combination.

Henry’s Sweet Retreat & Bakery

4823 St Elmo Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

The Baked Bear

929 Rose Ave, North Bethesda, MD 20852