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Bethesda Ranked One of the Best Places to Live in Maryland – But We Already Knew That! image

Bethesda Ranked One of the Best Places to Live in Maryland – But We Already Knew That!

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According to Niche.com, Bethesda was recently ranked in the top ten places to live in Maryland, based on their algorithm of livability. Like a few other places in our beautiful home state, Bethesda was given an A+ rating!

One of our favorites aspects of Bethesda has always been it’s suburban serenity with it’s city amenities. Living in the middle of downtown Bethesda at The ELM, you can get the best of both worlds. A short commute to Washington DC and other major commuting metros, Bethesda has long been a favorite place to live for those who need a short trip but want a quiet place to come home to. With COVID19, that flexibility in moving away from the city has become greater than ever, and we’re seeing a large influx in the amount of people looking for easier living in local suburbs while not sacrificing on the city’s offerings. Many are finding that Bethesda is the perfect compromise.

With dozens of bars, restaurants, and plenty of shopping right downstairs, The ELM is in the perfect downtown neighborhood of Bethesda for walkability. While having a car is not a must in our neighborhood, for those who do, The ELM has great options for reserved parking and electric car charging stations. For those city-dwellers who don’t own a car, The ELM is also just a short distance from mass transportation and major highways to the city. Perfect for families or young singles alike, Bethesda also prides itself on our education systems, and our diversity.

Come to Bethesda for the best of both worlds when it comes to city and suburban living – and come tour The ELM for the best of Bethesda.